The 10th WWF in Bali Places Water as a Priority in Global Political Issues

by Redaksi

The 10th WWF in Bali marks a pivotal moment to position water as a crucial issue in global politics, one that can only be resolved through international political consensus. As a natural resource, water is unique in that it cannot be recreated, making its sustainability essential.

All heads of government and parliaments gathered in Bali share a common concern: a collective commitment to the future of water, as well as its present state.

Currently, water is under global threat due to climate change and demographic developments. Therefore, it is a natural imperative for humanity to create a joint political consensus when facing a common threat, namely the water crisis. This issue has the power to unite all heads of government and parliaments worldwide.

The theme “Water for Shared Prosperity” is highly appropriate as promoted by the Indonesian government at this international forum, considering the current global challenges of clean water availability in many countries. This condition drives Indonesia to commit to strengthening collaboration among various stakeholders to produce an international political consensus on water issues.

Let us listen to each other with humility, and speak with humility, to realize our shared vision of restoring hope and dignity through possible access to water for the prosperity of all humanity.

The 10th WWF meeting in Bali is part of a historical global process, where Indonesia can engage in cross-country synergy to produce a water deal in water diplomacy. The effort, embodied in the theme “Water for Shared Prosperity,” is a form of diplomacy aimed at convincing world leaders of the importance of focusing on water as a political issue.

*) Agung Satria/ Chairman of Strategic Studies on International Political Issues

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